Ty Davis Desert Tank Cleaning Help

I have the Ty Davis Desert gas tank in the natural color. I really love it, but my boots rub on it and they make black marks on it. How do I clean this off? It sounds strange but I’m a real freak when it comes to my bike looking clean. :thumbsup: Any good solvents or cleaners you guys use for this kind of problem?

Have you tried Contact Cleaner (Brake Parts Cleaner) yet?

Have you tried Contact Cleaner (Brake Parts Cleaner) yet?

No. You mean like break cleaner? Or carb cleaner? The stuff that comes in the aerosol cans? :thumbsup:

Brake cleaner not Carb Cleaner...

For getting the marks off - just rub it off with a scotch brite pad (those green washing up thingy's). No solvent is going to get that off without doing damage to the tank.

I don't know about your tank. But I too am a fanatic about my bikes. I use mineral spirits on my white number plates instead of sos pads and they com out like new. Just so you know, I'm in florida and most of our tracks are red clay and the red stays. My ritual is ..simple green, then mineral spirits on the tuff stuff and then spary her down with wd40 so that its easier the next time.

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