GA426OWNER Update.......

I spoke with David at length yesterday from his hospital bed at Pedmont Hospital in Atlanta. He say's that he is bummed because of the Heart Attack but feels better now that they have cleared the blocked arterty and placed a shunt to help avoid a re-occurence. He says he can't wait to ride again but as a former paramedic I strongly advised him to take it easy and allow his heart to physically heal before once again becoming the wild man we all know and respect. David has asked me to express his gratitude for the concern that many of you on this board have expressed via the board and the phone calls he has received. I won't go into the detail of his ordeal last Saturday but will wait until he can post it for himself.

Once again...David is OK and will return to the board soon.

Bonzai... :)

Great news! We'll be looking forward to hearing from you David.

A good day for good news! Glad to hear it.

Good deal!

Yeah, tell him to hang out on TT and bench race the DRZ guys for a while till he is up to the trails.

Like Mike said, it's good to hear some good news.



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I am back home, I have risen from what I thought at moments would ultimately be the death of me. God has decided Saturday Sept 8th was not my day to checkout. What a wake up call at 39 to go through what I hope no one else has to. " A eye opening experience" -- my life as I knew it - forever will be changed. Each & everyday, I will live as if each day will be my last! Thanks for all the support from each of you, my motorcyclingfamily..... I am down for a couple of weeks, but I will be back. MXTuner the forks were awesome --- Motocross 426er's yank out the midvalve! What a difference. Yamicasi - thanks for everything, soon I will be dirty again.....Everyone---do not take life for granted -- it can so easily be taken from you, especially after Tues the 11th or as it is now called "911 Day" Thanks again......

David #38

Very nice to hear your okay David. We waz worried about you!

I'm turning 39 very soon and I think I'll start eating better and workout regularly...

Maybe even quit smoking too...

Glad to hear you're okay. Listen to your docs (except the part about how dangerous MC are :) ) and you'll be back to the track soon.


Glad to hear you are doing better! :) P

Im happy to see your doing well and posting again at TT.It's also great to see you have a new outlook on life.I know Im guilty of just taking life for granted. :)

Get well soon! I am very happy to hear you are doing as well as you are. Take care.


Guys, again thanks for the support. The Doctors say keep on doing the MotoC/woods riding - but wait a few weeks.

Ron in SoCal - I have never smoked, but I did eat just about anything I wanted, up until the past 2yrs. It is the past 20yrs of eating junk food,processed food etc..that is causing this at younger ages. Hell, I have lost 25lbs in the past 3mos also. who would have thought -- I thought I was invinciple. Oh well. Take care

Glad to hear your OK. Relax for a while and get back at it slowly.

David, sorry to hear about your problem with your ticker but very glad to here that your doing allot better! I had every intention to come by and see you but I could never seem to get time,I know that's not a good excuse. I hope everything is going well for you at home and if there is anything that I can do to help you please give me a call.

Good luck on your recovery


RSK, do not worry about the visit. Visitation was a zoo anyway! Man what a boring weekend, last weekend. I will be going back to Copperhead this Sat/22nd, even if to putt around.....I feel great. Need to get back on the bike - I feel the need for speed! Hopefully we will have a large turnout. This cooler weather is awesome!


Glad your back, keep in shape, ride long and prosper!!!!


Do you know a fellow by the name of Matt Holt? I don't know how large Dallas is, so I thought I'd ask.



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