? 06 450, Which bars & is RG3 over kill ??

I'm picking up my 06 tomorrow. I'm trying to make my $$ go the farthest. MXA suggests ... 98 on the sag(easy), slide the forks up(done),put a better tire on( i have 2 sets of ms3's already). The 'two' million dollar questions are.. Which handle bars ? And would RG3 triple clamps be worth the extra $$?

First mod on mine was black Renthal Twinwalls, with black ASV levers and rotator clamp. Then I had to put yellow and black PowerMadd handguards and some yellow Progrips. Sweet.

I called RG3 and they told me that they have not come up with a better offset than stock. Unless you just like the look of the RG3 (which is nice!) I would save my money.

Thanks for calling RG3 . With that out of the way. Back to which bend on the handle bar has worked best for those who have changed the stock bars?

Some of the taller bends are the YZ High, Doug Henry, and Windham bends. Handlebars are far too personal for some one to be able to tell you what you will like.

I have always used Renthal Twinwalls in the Whindham bend.

I have always used Renthal Twinwalls in the Whindham bend.

I always preferred Pro Taper Windham bend, and Carmichael Twinwall bend. Both pretty similar, Carmichael's a wee-bit taller I think.

im probably going to buy a rg3 upper clamp as I like the 4-post and rubber mounting.

Ive fallen off my 06 450 twice..both times the bars got tweaked in the triple. yes all bolts are at proper torque spec.

I went with the Renthal Windham Black Twinwall.......Rg3 is sweet, But the Top clamp on the 06 is by far the finest I have ever seen on a yami...it is adjustable. I will wait to see how much vibration before I go that route like on my 03.

i like the stock protapers... and the triple-clamp is mighty fine if i do say so myself... look into exahust options for power gains?? that is what i was told to do (per ty davis) and skid plates for the desert...

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