miles with stock tank?

How many miles are you getting with your stock tank 1.8gal

I can go 50 in the desert

I'm not totally sure of my mileage, but I ran out of gas the first time I rode this bike in the desert. Seems to me like it was way less than 50 miles. I'm sure it all depends on how you ride the bike and the terrain that you are in.

Either way it eats the gas way faster than the YZ250F did. I'll be putting an IMS tank on soon. Anyone know the range you can get with the IMS oversize tank?

went riding 2-3 week ago at the dunes in sand and any wear else i go for that matter i am pinned we went about 29 miles round trip when we were at the truck to gas up i looked and i was running on fumes their was not a 1/2 mile left in the tank. The 450's definitely suck the gas when your on em

i have a ims tank 3.2g but i cannot tell you how many miles, i spent 5 hours enduro riding without any problem, but desert is fuel-drinker, and ims is a very great piece of hard plastic.


50 is about right. My ktm buddy with gps and the computer on his bike said last ride out we were averaging 5o miles to my 1.8 tank. Its great riding with ktm guys, they have huge fuel tanks and all the nifty computer crap. Im still faster on single track.

I was getting about 65 miles to a tank riding trails at a medium pace and being careful with the throttle, and maybe 30 miles to a tank racing in the desert.

Full throttle definatly eats fuel way fast. Especially at the desert were its long periods of full throttle

I don't know.Do I need to.

...long periods of full throttle


Greg, were at the dez do you ride?

We go to Jawbone frequently or just past Victorville. I did a D38 race a few weeks ago and plan to race alot more this year. Nothing more fun than going wide open up washes...

Who makes the better aftermarket tank? When i had my 250 i used a clark, and I am leaning that way with the 450.

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