yz426 graphics?

Well i am the proud new owner of a 2000 426. It had a little rust and was not looking to good. Anyone got pictures of good 426 graphics? I have put new plastics on it and took care of the rust but now it needs some character.

Browse around on www.motosport.com they have lots of graphics.

Soon it will be to pretty to ride. :thumbsup:

These are Execute Graphics on my bike.


that looked great. where did you get the graphic kit?

that looked great. where did you get the graphic kit?

I work at a bike shop and seen them in a Motorcycle Stuff catalog. Any Motorcycle Stuff dealer can get them for you.

that looked great. where did you get the graphic kit?

There are always auctions on ebay of the graphics that 642MX has just search execute on ebay.

My old 2002 with Hotwheels Kit.


I just put some new graphics on..... pretty simple.... its just a factory Effex kit




You should check out the Evo 2 from Factory FX. I'm gonna get that with a black back fender and side panels. Mmmmmm good. Go to http://www.motosportoutlet.com for some damn good prices.

I saw those earlier. Have you seen the do it yourself customs from factory effects. You pick all the Logos and where to put them. It is a little spendy but that would be cool.

Test only . Sorry


My old 2002 with Hotwheels Kit.


Can you still get those anywhere?

I have a pretty sik looking 2002 YZ426 , Skin Graphics I'm not sure how to show you...

Email me @ dave_k_714@yahoo.com and i'll send them.

I was in the same boat looking for graphics.

I searched for weeks before finally someone posted the discontinued Yamaha of Troy graphics.

I got the full kit with gripper seat for $90 shipped.

I dont know how big of fan you are of the YOT, but the new kit for your bike looks good.


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