Installing a HID light????

I have a BMW Bixenon light I would like to put on my wr426. It has to have high beem which is what Bixenon is cause it's street legal. What do I need to do? I have a Diamond light on there which I think is 35w and it's not bright enough for me.

careful. Baja designs says that running a light more than 35w on a WR without a beefed up stator can put serious stress on your stator or kill your battery over long night rides or cause your lights to flicker at low rpm's... Upgrade your stator or look into different bulb sources with the same wattage, one or the other!!!

from what I hear is HID only use 35w. It take like 130-150w to start. I figure if I ran a battery it would take the starting power.


It would not start from the stator anyway, so you have to use battery on it.

HID will not flicker easy because voltage range for that ballast is from 9v to 16v. Battery voltage has to drop below 9v until it will go off

Timo Mc

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