new bike?

hi guys im 14 amd looking to upgrade my old xr250(by old i mean 1988) i was thinking about the crf250r or the kx250f.are they a big step above the xr?

im 6'3 and weigh around 85kilos. im mostly in to trail rides (bikes dont need to be registerd fo most rides down hair in new zealand) and occsionally go to a mx track.are valves a major issue?

cheers alistair

(bikes cost around $10000)

No, if you can ride an XR250 you can ride a 250F. Youll be glad you got it. And no the valves are NOT :thumbsup: a major issue, as long as you service your bike and make sure they are in spec.!!!!!!!

ya im 13 5'5" (with boots on) and 110lbs and ill be switching from my cr85 to a crf250 at the end of this season

dang ur a tall dude

haha the crf250 has more ommmph then ur xr but i think u will like it

im the tallest in my family,an got size 15 riding boots. thanks evryone for your replys.(i just got to get money now)

the bike has a lot more power than the xr, but youll be just fine. ittle be a great bike for you.

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