Gorman's Forest?!?!?

I've heard a lot of people talking about the forest rides in Gorman. I've been there a few times (but everytime at least 1 quad was with us so we couldn't really explore) and I love it there. Anyways, this weekend will be the first all bike ride (every rider is intermediate/advanced and has never riden there except me), and I can't wait. But I want to know about the forest trails.

First off, I would like to camp at Edison and do my normal warm up ride (backbone, vics cat, etc..) and then come back to camp to top off fuel. Then it would be off to the forest. Now can I get to the forest trails from Edison on our bikes? If so, how and which way do I go? Better yet, what are the names of the forest trails. Or which trails would lead us to the forest trails? They maybe on my maps, not too sure.

I have the map they give you at the entrance and I bought a map from Bert's that showed different trails than the standard map did. Hopefully the trails that take us to the forest will be on the map.

Thanks in advance, Mike

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news... but I think the forest trails are closed due to the snow. However I can't confirm this. :thumbsup:

Hmmmmmm......looks like we might have to stay in the park this weekend. Well for future reference, how would you get to the forest trails from Edison Campground?

I can verify it. We went for 4 bitchin days. Okay Thursday and Friday it was empty ran into "0" bikes or quads on the trails. But on the 12th of Jan the gates going up into Fraizer Mountain area was locked. Sorry for the bad news. Hopefully you can caught it early summer. :thumbsup:

Hopefully there's a small chance of the gate being unlocked, it hasn't rained for almost 3 weeks and there is hardly any snow on Baldy or Big Bear and those are 7,000' +. Just in case they might be open (the gates) how do you get to the forest trails from Edison Campground?

There is a trail that is behind Sterling Campground,Sterling is the first campground on the right, follow that trail west,about a mile or so, you will go through some little rocks, cross the creek i think a couple of times and then you should see the narrow rusty gate on your left, then you go up a little hill and on the left there again you should see another rusty little gate. I cant remember the name of the trail,( Tejon Trail ) hopefully someone will chime in and help us out here....Scott

if you're lucky, they have some really good maps of the forest at the ranger station. they usually run out

How long will you be up there for?

We are not camping....sorry if I gave the wrong impression. I actually ment staging in my firat post not camping. Not sure if we are riding Sat or Sun yet. It depends on my buddies schedules. I'm down for either day!

if you area staging at edison camp ground then ... go north up road runner trail toward the powerlines turn left go across the road (Paved road you drove in on) goldhill i think...follow that trial (tejon trail) ...there is a hill climb on the left..about a mile in you will crest a hill to the right is the entrence to east fraiser #120 rocky with some switch backs careful they come up fast!

or a little down that hill is the entrence to Tejon trail #122 nice trail some rocks and trees to avoid those are the 2 that i have hit from edison camp!...

I have heard that the forest trails are closed now you might get lucky and have them open but i doubt it have a good time

The trails are closed over the winter. The area is not patroled and not a spot you want to get stuck over night. Give yourself plenty of time and watch the way you come back down off the mountian. This area is for the advance riders only.

Even the single track climb out from sterling canyon can be tough. Good luck and take a cell phone. Cd

I agree with Camirillodan. The gates will be locked until late May or June. Last year I called the ranger 1-661-245-3731 in early June and do to the rains and snow they were not sure when they would open it. They have to clear the trails and check them out once the rains are gone and the snow melts, a liability issue no doubt. So next summer check with the ranger and be safe. :thumbsup:

10-4 Thanks Guys!

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