Atlanta Gas Prices up to $5.00 per Gallon

Man, I saw gas prices ranging from $1.50 to $5.00 per gallon on the way into work this morning.....Where the hell did this come from ? Did someone blow up the us oil reserves overnight? When I went home yesterday gas was $1.30 per gallon. 5 of the 6 stations that are gouging in my area are owned by people of mid-east decent.....Go Figure !

I guess it won't take much to convince your neighbors to boycot them then!!!

same thing in Illinois, according to my friend's Mom.

Yep, same thing in Ohio. Glad I work from home and don't commute!!!!

Ive never seen insanity in my town like I seen yesterday. About 2:00 pm people were lined up 40-50 cars deep at every gas station and trying to cram in front of each other like it was the last time you were ever gonna be able to buy gas.

I never saw $5 a gallon gas but anybody that pays that needs a head check.




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Hey guys,

here in SC our Attorney General has asked that anyone seeing any price gouging report it to their office so they can prosecute. Didn't hear if it was under state or federal law, but you may want to check it out in your area and drop a dime on them if needed.

It might also be worth a call to the news people in the area so they can come down and put them on TV to expose them for the low-life they are.

It's kind of hard to deny your actions when they're 20 feet in the air on a sign.

Yup, they started something similar here in Atlanta. The local news is making an example of a couple of the attempted gougers. The State govt. has phone numbers to call in that instance.


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We had 3 store owners arrested for jacking up the prices of gas.

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