Installing Stainless Valves/lapping Etc?

I've done the normal search on this subject and just ordered Kibblewhite SS valves and spring kit. My question is, do you lap the valves or anything else special? :thumbsup: Although I'm having a Honda dealer do the head, they've never replaced the Ti valves with stainless before. I'm also installing a Wiseco Piston and a Stage 1 cam since my 05 CRF450 has more than a season of MX on her. I would send it to one of the Pro Engine guys except I'm racing almost every weekend and my dealer can do it in a day. Thanks...Doug

If your Honda dealer is going to do the work... why ask? A qualified mechanic will know what needs to be done to make sure the valves are sealing correctly.

From what I understand, it's OK to lap in the SS valves. However, you should not lap in the Honda Ti valves! They have a coating applied for additional hardness....lapping them can wear away the coating and the Ti valve will wear quicker than desired.

It is now common to use a s.s. valve to pre-lap for a ti valve. However, you need to clean the valve and seat after lapping as good as possible to remove the compound and prevent it from embedding into the seat.

I am thinking of going to the Kibblewhite set-up also. Let me know how it revs.

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