New fork bushing question

So I'm replacing the fork bushings on my '93 RM125 USD forks and the new inner bushings that RaceTech sent me (correct part # according to them) don't fit quite like the old ones.

Once installed, the gap between the ends of the bushing is ~8mm, which seems like a lot... :thumbsup:



That being said, the bushing seems to slide into the upper leg properly/snugly, and the o.d. of the bushing (installed) measures fine with a caliper.

Basically everything seems cool, but I'm paranoid that gap will cause the bushing ends to score the upper leg. Any feedback would be great.

p.s. I did call RaceTech, but they're taking their sweet time calling back...


DP :bonk:

You have the wrong ones. Don't install them.


no if or buts they r WRONG if u have got other parts check them as well

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