jetting the 150

I know this has been gone over and over again but I just want some advice.

Im planning on uncorking my 150 and im not sure what jets to use, my altitude is 1820ft above sea level. would a 110 main jet work or a 115. should i use a different slow jet and needle kit. Also if anyone could include the part #s. Thank You. :thumbsup:

Sarge, look here:

Jetting specs and part#s are at the top of the page. I live at 875 MSL and used the 110 main / 42 pilot combination, with needle in the 4th groove. Haven't ran it but a little up and down the street, but it seems to be OK.

You might also want to do a search for:

150 needle,

150 jets,

150 power-up.

A little reading will go a LONG way. :thumbsup:

I did my sons last night 115/42 didnt even touch the needle(we'll see about that later, ran out of time) thing ran like a bat out of H*ll, thought it was hard to start but at lunch it fired right up. Man it is a lot quicker, the uncorked pipe sounds pretty good too.

how much would it cost if I brought it into the local shop?

I have heard quotes around $75 plus the $35 or so for the parts. The problem is getting them to do it.

If you are mechanically inclined AT ALL this is a really easy job. The 150 carb, IMHO, is far simpler than the 230. Top screws off, everything is right there in front of you. (notice my opinion of this has changed since I have done it? :thumbsup:)

Sarge, I am going to do my wife's bike (also a 150) next Tuesday or Wednesday (waiting on jets) and plan on taking pics while I make the changes. If you (or anyone else) want to wait until then, I will be glad to post the whole operation along with the photos. I understand your hesitation to take it apart......I was the same way. But in reality, it truly is a pretty tame operation.

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