03 crf450 HEAD PIPE OR CAM?

I have a 03 450 that I have owned since it was new. I love the bike and can not afford a new one this year. Over the winter while I was having a couple of vertibraes in my neck fused I sent the bike in for some surgery to. I had a 04 piston installed along with new intake vavles, timing chain and other worn parts. Right away I installed a fmf powercore silencer on it and love the differents it has made but now would like to get just allittle more mid to top end power without sacrificing low end. Are there any head pipes out there that are worth the money and will actually make the difference I'm looking for? Or should I just go with a hot cam? Can someone tell me about the RHC cam? I still want the bike controlable, not violent, all the h.p. in the world does not make you faster on a track. I want the most for my money and parts that may be cool or look cool and don't give me what I want are out of the question.



The head pipe does not make THAT big of a difference (like the can does). The cam make s a bigger diff.

Cam and piston. You can do both of those for what a pipe costs and get twice the bang for your buck.

02 cam :thumbsup:

I owed a 02 and don't know if I liked the power delivery as much as the 03 with the can. But I guess it did pull harder on the top. Has anyone else done this? I would like to hear about the stage 2 hot cam. I like to ride hard and high in the rev. I can still be at front on the starts but I'm noticing on long 4th gear wide open straights that the new bikes pull me alittle. I didn't have that problem in 03 and 04 against the same riders.


this guy on here put an 02 cam in a 06 motored kart so thats why i suggested it--- a guy on here put the 02 cam in an 06 motored kart so it must pull more on top :thumbsup:

that post was on repeat---cant believe i just did that----too many bud ice's :thumbsup:

Cam, done all my 4-strokes, even cheaper on your Honda.

I don't mean this bad or cocky but I'm not a jump off the bridge if someone else does kinda guy. I'm looking for facts to base a decesion on. I pretty much new from the start I should go with the cam, money and power wise,but can someone tell me how and where the cam changes the power delivery? I believe people mention a cam thats called a RHC??? What does this cam do for the power?


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