Answer CF-2 silencer

Did any of you folks ever own one of these? It is made from Carbon Fibre. They have not been available for several years. I just purchased one from egay...brand new. It is extremely good looking and well made. Obviously, it is light as a feather.

I am hoping to find out how durable it was. Is it better to use this. or call it display only.

They must have stopped offering them for a reason. If I bought a 40 dollar paperweight, no big deal. It is worth the money to look at.

They must have been less than stellar in the durability dept, or too expensive. This is a part that should still be made.

Carbon Fiber breaks easily, like after one crash.

This thing is odd. It is well tucked in. Very much unlike the 4 stroke carbon systems. Its also relitavely short.. The sidepanal covers all of it. I can see damage happening from rocks flipping up, however .

I will post a picture as soon as I can figure out how. Total weight, with ALL hardware, packing, mountins screws, and rubber sealing ring is 1lb, 4 oz. The FMF shorty, without bolts and the mounting ring is 2lb 6oz. Its a nice weight savings.

It is the best looking silencer I have seen in my life.

I WILL CRY IF IT BREAKS!!!! Real tears. Kind of liek the day Jillian Barberie broke up with me. trauma. Prozac. Therapy. Lobotmy.

Still, its fun to own. The damn thing is going on the mantle. LOL

I am asilencer whore. This brings my collection to 12 total. Everything from stock, spes (doma), pro circuit, fmf, offroad legal, and some other silencers its not exactly legal to discuss.

Lets hear about the illegal silencers... never heard of such a thing. Any silencer is illegal if you use it wrong right, cmon i wanna hear about em.

my buddy had one on his old yz125 a few years back, it looked awesome, but started to fall apart after about a year, but atleast yours was only fourty bucks, his was alot more new.

Wrong forum for the type I am talking about. They are not illegal by any means. You do need a license to own one. Taxes must be paid as well..

Oddly enough, your are consiered rude and obnixous in England if you dont use one.

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