a little help please,,Radiator leaks

Ok,I was using a screw driver to straighten tab at radiator to get shroud put back on,and must of gouged radiator :bonk: because it leaks now on left side at bottom end,what can I do to fix it?????Dam was getting ready to ride next week,now I need to fix radiator :thumbsup: Anyone know what can fix a leak????do I need too take it a radiator repair shop or what?????? Please Help :thumbsup:

Is the leak in a tube or in the tank? Either way a radiator shop would be best if you have time. If it is a hole in a tube it can be pinched off.

Well not sure???All I now is that I had hit the Vains of the radiator and thats where it appears to be leaking from,which has me stumped because I have seen those vains really bent in other applications,All i know is that I somehow punctured the radiator with very little effert.Its right above the tank....I Think

You might try a local auto radiator shop, I can't imagine any that can't work with aluminum radiators. And then there is always myler's in utah.

There's a co., people recommend here, that suppose to work miracles. Can't recall the name, it will come up in a search. The turn around time will probably nix your ride next week tho. Considering it's a minor problem I'd probably go local.

maybe it's called myler's??? :thumbsup:

Go here

maybe it's called myler's??? :thumbsup:

Go here

What he said ..:thumbsup: Fast service, great work, fast service, willing to work with you on shipping, time lines, needed returns, great service,, Did I mention that have great service :bonk:

Sorry!!!! Never had to use them, and at my age that still wouldn't guarantee I'd remember their name.

Sorry!!!! Never had to use them, and at my age that still wouldn't guarantee I'd remember their name.

No worries roach, just flickin' ya some chit. That is what I do around here. Burned helps people, bronco pisses them off, and I flick 'em chit :thumbsup:

Mylers rocks. Same day turnaround and they do great work.

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