Aonia Pass Georgia Charity Ride April 15



Saturday April 15, 2006; 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

$30 Donation. All trails, Prepped MX, SX, Peewee, Vintage, & Flat Track

100% of Proceeds from this FCA MX Fundraiser go to John’s Therapy

In 1999 John Belknap, a fellow dirtbiker, was involved in a car accident that broke his neck. He became paralyzed and lost function from mid-chest down. Over the years he has been doing physical therapy with family members and regained some function back. In 2003 he began a search for therapy for spinal cord injuries. He visited Sci-Step in Mason, Ohio, where the therapist evaluated him. John’s body reacted in a positive way and the therapist noted something to work with. However, the hourly cost of the therapy ranges from $75-110 per hour, plus the cost of an apartment along with an assistant to help with daily needs. Insurance has approved to pay “up to” 60% of the therapy. That leaves John with 40% or more of the cost of therapy, the cost of an assistant and the $1300 a month for the fully wheelchair accessible apartment.

Sci-Step set up the “The Anne Phipps Foundation” for tax deductible donations. All proceeds will be just for John’s therapy.

“The Anne Phipps Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Research and Recovery was formed in honor of Anne Phipps. After successfully making her way through the semi-pro ranks Anne accomplished a rare feat by becoming a licensed professional [drag] racer. She was one of a small group of active professional women in the sport and was recognized as one of the fastest women in the world on a motorcycle. On August 10, 2002 Anne had a freak accident after a successful run during a national event at the Bristol Motor Speedway. In the resulting hours she learned that she had suffered a spinal cord injury to her sixth thoracic vertebrae. Not willing to live the rest of her life in a wheelchair, Anne has decided to fight. This foundation was established to help her and others like her.”

Aonia offers: RV Hookups ($10/hookup), Showers, bathrooms, concessions, and has nearby motel and bed and breakfast facilities.

From Atlanta: I20 to exit 160, North straight about 16 miles to U.S. Hwy 78, then 3 miles East (right) U.S. 78, go left. Aonia Pass is on right.

From Augusta: I20 to U.S. 78 North, go 14.8 miles to Aonia Pass on left.

Info: Jim Pritchett 1 478 998 3240; Jim Pritchett (

Met about a half dozen pro riders and a team owner/manager tonight. Several expressed sincere interest in helping with the events. More details tomorrow after I talk to them some more at the dome.

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