help needed for fork setup?????????

The bike is a ktm 640 supermotard, 17's removed in place of 19" rear and 21" front. Only ridden offroad. Front forks are set for 17's in the tripple clamps(top of shock flush with clamp, ie. all the way down) How much should i move the shocks upward towards the bars without loosing stability at my top speed of 110k. Need better turning radius as well as more responsive steering.

Thanks for all info that can be provided.


Adjust the forks in the triple clamp a little at a 5mm....Then go ride and take note how she feels....keep going until your happy and she turns quicker and stays in control.

I had to swap out the stock triple clamps on mine 2000' SXC to achieve better turning.

Don't forget that you can also shove the rear wheel up further in the swingarm to shorten the wheelbase also.

Anybody have any measurements running a similar setup? Where do your forks sit in relation to the top triple clamp. What is the (e) or enduro stock setting.

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