Spark Plug Gap

My friend says a the wider the spark plug gap, the hotter/better the spark. Is this true? What does widening the gap do?

depends on exactly what the book says its susposed to run... what you're friend thinks is not true. it WILL NOT run better with a bigger gap. it WILL run better if the gap is exactly to specs. o ya and widening the gap will cause the bike to skip spark and possibly foul b cuz the spark, instead of example having to travel 45thousandths stock gap, would say run 56 thousandths of a gap. the spark would have to travel farther and sometimes will not make it. go by the book and you should be fine... :thumbsup::bonk: hope this explains it to you... :thumbsup:

It WILL provide a more efficient burn with a larger spark gap, but the the ignition system has to be able to put out enough volts to arc the extra distance. This is a trick someone I knew once did when tuning the old police intercepter Toranas here in Australia, The police found that the cars he tuned ran better and provided better fuel efficiency. The down side is that the plug earth electrode will erode at a faster rate. This was gapping about .1mm over spec, nothing stupid.

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