Knoxville area trails?

Okay, so I am sick of Kalifornia and would love to sell my overvalued home and head for Eastern Tennesee. I am curious as riding our dirtbikes, just trail riding no hardcore MX (gravity is bad for a 43 year old fat dude) although my 6 year old might do the MX thing later on ( the noise police shut down our local track at a fairpark do to some whinning neighbors 6 months before his riding age ) is a priority. No riding areas = no moving period. I am game for up to a 2 hour drive. Are there some good areas? Thanks in advance.. :thumbsup:

Coal Creek ATV Area, maintained by Windrock ATV Club, 72000 acres :thumbsup: Just outside Oak Ridge.

You can also ride in many of the state forests here too. Harlan county Kentucky is close to Knoxville too. 4 or 5 great places within a 2 hour drive and coal creek in your backyard. :thumbsup:

Tennessee is LOADED with areas to ride. Like someone above said.....check out Coal Creek's website. They are an ATV club, but welcome bike riders as well. Tellico Plains os OK, and Prentice Cooper WMA in Chattanooga is a WONDERFUL place to take younger riders. There is a new place opening in Atlanta (3 hr drive) and a BUNCH of places in north Ga. Lots of MX tracks in the Knoxville area.

LaFollette, TN, 35 minutes north of knoxville. Its my home town and has hundreds of miles of trail. If you're interseted let me know.

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