1992 Xr600 Suspension Help Needed!

Hello, I have a stock XR600 that I rebuilt from the ground up from a rotting bush special. I managed to get everything running smoothly except the front suspension which has no leaks and I have replaced the fork oil. I about 230 lbs, and no matter what try I can't get the suspension to up much anything I face. In fact for 90% of the day I am on the road. I have had the tires balanced which improved thing slightly. I though XR were supposed to ride like coaches. Well sorry for the rambling. Anyone knows what the stock settings for the front and rear suspension are supposed to be I would greatly appreciate that info. Or if you have any suggestion on oil weight or possible problems I haven't thought of.

Thank you for your time


You need new springs, front and year. They don't make springs heavy enough for us big kids so throw in the stiffest you can find.

I was told some guys are running a rear spring off a car Anyone have any details. I'm 340 so I need something gnarly.

What about fork springs, anything really strong available anywhere?

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