JD Jetting kit for a CRF450X, no airbox mod

OK, I just installed the JD on my CRF450X. I ride from sea level to 3,000 ft up. The bike is running rich, it fires right up when cold without the choke, and it gets like 4 MPG. I thought my buddy was playing tricks on me, and taking my gas. He wasn't.

I am running the recommended needle position on the red needle, using the stock pilot jet and a 165 main jet. I still have the CA smog kit on it, and I have NOT DONE THE AIRBOX mod. I am not interested in removing or modifying the airbox. I don't have the $ right now to blow on a smog removal kit just to keep it from popping on decel. So my question is, how do I jet for:

Stock 450X

No airbox mod

CA Smog kit installed

0-3,000 elevation

What main jet? What red needle position?

drop the main jet down to a 150.leave the needle and use the sticky at the top of the page to set up your pilto circuit.

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