03 crf 450 w/ jd kit

I'm running lean and need to richen it up. Please give me some suggestions.

elevation 550 ft.

outside temp somewhere between 30 and 50 (usually closer to 30 mark)

blue needle 4th pos.

178 main

42 or stock slow jet

aftermarket pipe

Bike pops and cracks head pipe glows red

Do I need to change clip position, slow jet, main jet or what else?

Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:

where is the fuel screw set?

Was 1 turn out

went to 1/2 on fuel screw took out the pilot and cleaned it went to a 180 main seems to run good on the stand. :thumbsup:

These settings seem right?

I hope this works. Nothing hard about jetting....if you have patience. :thumbsup::bonk:

i dont think you needed the extra fuel on the main jet but the fuel screw adjustment was correct.

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