there is hope left in this world

He has a feedback rating of 1. I guess you have to start somewhere...

shipping to zip 49321 is $ much is it to you?

$150 to me. I quess that is how that seller makes his money, by jacking up the shipping cost. It should be $20-$50 tops. I have shipped larger things than that all over the world in that 20-50 range.

That Would be nice for me so i could have one street set, and one dirt set. I can find better uses for my $$ though.

well, i just noticed they both live in ca so.....maybe its a local pic up or a really short distance?

but then again, its almost twice the distance from ca to michigan as from ca to nebraska.....and its only a 10 dollar difference....dont make sense.

the shipping calculater is off, he only charged $65 in the end!!! $204.16 for a full set is extremely awsome deal :thumbsup: , now I can throw my street tires on there and take 10min to switch between both instead of having to change tires :bonk:

nice....for 200 bucks, its easily woth it!

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