Pipe and silencer

Do you gain more from the aftermarket silencer or the pipe. What I'm trying to ask is, is it best to buy the whole system or just a slip on silencer for the stock pipe on an '05 R

i believe you need both. the pipe is a larger diameter i think not sure though. so you need the rest of the system at the end to keep the same size to accomplish your goal.

So if the pipe is bigger you gain more power than just a slip on.

its about being effient and still keeping the right amount of back pressure through the whole system

ALot of aftermarket full system use stepped headers. So they go from small to bigger, some even megaphone out. What this does is give you the benefit of a larger diameter pipe (more top end) without loosing the low end grun that you get from a smaller diameter header.

I spoke to someone today that thought if you go with a whole system, IE larger diameter header, you will lose low end power. He thought a slip on like the white bros. aluminum pro would boost low end better???

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