xtreme cr III review

I bought a new CR III from Guy last week. The bike is sweet. I had rode a CR II and complained about it being wobbly(sp). The CRIII allowed for the handlebars to be mounted further back than the CRII and the bike handled great. I have a DRZ 110 with salad forks, two brothers/racetech rearend, And Two Brothers stage 1 kit. The xtreme is a little faster, doesn't handle as good as my 110 but regardless, very impressive. It is just as fast on my mx track. I have a six pack I jump on the 110 but can't (won't) hit on the xtreme. I also have a BBR crf 50. This past weekend I had about five friends come out and ride. We rode for about six hours, pretty aggresive, and the bike did perfectly. I was impressed for the money spent.


get some pics of your collection. I would love to c what they look like

hey merrill where did you get that bike from and how much did you get it for if you dont mind me askin iv been lookin for one but the only one iv found so far in mo. is an sdg 107 from ozark motorsports in lake ozark thanks jeff

I crated that bike up. Hope you like it! I was digging the white plastic.

I have a CR2, I put a Trail Bikes Hi-comp piston in it with a 26mm carb and rev box. Needless to say it is a 131cc now and is quite a handful to hold on to. I also put on an Ohlins rear shock and stiffer springs in the front. I put a 10 rear wheel on it and can now race it in the 50mod class.


I wouldn't buy an SDG, I bought mine grom Guy Cooper in Stillwater, Ok. He sells thim at a good price, and checks them out good before he sends them out. I know you can get a CR II from him for less than $1500 shipped to you. The CRII and CR III are pretty much the same. Either way you will want to get a new rear shock though. I spent about $1800 on mine. I put a thumb throttle on this one for Marshall to ride. It is easy to rip around on now...lol. I am racing my 110 this saturday at Hale arenacross in KC,MO. If your looking for a good pit bike for the money I would look into one of these. I like the little CRF I have but for the money the CR II or III would be the way to go.


where can you get high compression pistons for chinese 110s....figured one of you guys would know.

hondatrailbikes.com :thumbsup:

High Compression Pistons are available from Ahpminis.com.They have the 52.4 piston kits for $70.

and that will go in my loncin 110 ??? haha i just want so more power with little cash thats all. thanks guys. i think it's 107 actually...hahaa.

i guess i don't kow the stroke, and unfortunately i have a three valve head...i might just go with a tb 88 with head...prolly get more power anyways..or a gpx..not sure..i would have three engines if i get the gpx.....damn...i spent more money thatn i have...good thing my card is maxed...so ican't spend any more ...yet!!!! hahaa.

Bump. Did you ever post pics of the CR III?

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