Suspension Companies

Ok, I've always done my own fluids (except for rear shock) and springs. My question is what is the difference of buying the valves/springs from racetech and putting them in myself VS. going with a suspension company? I just think they are going to do exactly what I would be doing, Im almost positive they make it seem harder then it really is. I mean they are not setting up fluid dynamic programs and charts at local suspension shops to determine oriface sizes and whatnot. But a place like racetech has engineers testing and figuring this stuff out. I totalled it out and its like this

160.00 x 2 for valves (front and rear)

110.00 front springs

90.00 rear spring

30.00-40.00 for fluids

roughly its 550 I already have the fork oil so about 500.00 for me or so plus i rounded the prices up.

most suspension companies charge about 700.00 for this setup.

What else do you get from the suspension companies that make it worth the extra 150-200 bucks.Obviously I can call them, but i can call racetech also.

Thanks for the info.

Go with a suspesion company those valve stacks are Glorified stock valving ask my buddie IAVETRACER! He went that route and now wishes he would of sent it somewhere! Oh yea he also had a shop mechanic do it who is very very good with suspension so u can't blame it on that!

Unless you already own all the proper tools for suspension service, that may factor into cost (yours and theirs). The shock will need nitrogen, and since you are asking these kinds of questions, it may be safe for me to assume that you do not own a nitrogen charging system and would probably have to take it to a local shop for charging if you did it yourself. You stated, "I just think they are going to do exactly what I would be doing". If you think your service skill level is the same as theirs, then what's the hold up?

Some tuners will revalve it for free for you if you are not satisfied with it.

What make and model bike is this for, anyway??

its a 2006 kx250f. I dont have a nitrogen charge unit and its the new showa twin chambers, all my experience is with KYB's thats whats holding me up lol. If i do it myself I will probably take it to someone to fill it. If they will revalve it for free and give me nonstop customer support for settting up at different tracks and conditions then it may be worth it to pay extra


As a Race Tech Center, I will say this:

Do not put Gold Valves in your KXF!!! All that you will be doing is trading out a black piece of metal for a gold one. In the forks, there would be no benefit to put them in because the stock pistons flow plenty of oil. And after years of testing, I feel the stock Showa rear pistons offers a better feel than a Gold Valve.

(I hope Race Tech doesn't read this!!)

So if your unhappy with the way your bike works, find a reputable tuner that works with the stock components. He should be able to make them work to your liking and you'll save $320.

i think ill just change the springs for now. I mean the twin chambers are the lastest greatest so its not like they suck. I just want the beest cuz im greedy! ADR said he would rework the valves for 330 and do fluids in both.

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