Hi guys...New to site....

Hi guys:

I just found your huge site ....WOW!!! It's going to take a while to see everything here. I am thinking on getting back into the dual sport bike scene, except to just ride the roads. I had a XL600R years ago and wished I never sold it. But life has it's little ups and downs! Any way I was thinking about a 650KLR for my next bike. Can anyone let me know what you think of them and what to look out for if I choose to go used. But I'm pretty sure I will be getting a new one. I am still recovering from a rear end accident which left me with 3 herniated discs in my neck and a plate. I like the straight up seating position of the dual sport style bike as it will allow me to ride with my neck. I want to tour with it rather than do the off road trail riding. I have an ATV at the moment which has to go because of my neck.

Sorry to go on , but it has taken a while for me to find a good site like this one to get some helpful information from.


Just got a 2006 for Christmas, progressive front springs, stainless front brake line and Michelin Anakees on delivery, owned many bikes years ago and gave this one a lot of thought, very comfortable (for me) Great as a town bike or logging road explorer, should be good for your herniated discs (if anything is) it's quite tall, need a 32" inseam I should think.

I have 8500 miles on my 03 and I would say for an all arounder it is great. I have all the dual star gaurds, would look elsewhere for the water pump and radiator gaurds as mine have cracked. They serve as motor mounts and I am not happy about this. Grins per dollar are high on this bike. It does anything you are willing or are not afraid to do. It is also very easy on your body(unless you drop it)

here are a couple pics of mine and the places i have been.



Welcome aboard! Lots of great info and people here. :thumbsup:

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