Wr450 settings

I posted up here a while ago for some help and since then I have set my sag, and been dialing the bike in others areas.

What I do find odd is the Wr450 was one of the biggest selling bikes but I cant seem to find anywhere settings that work for various rider weights and terrain. I weigh in at 85 kg (187 lbs) without gear.

I know there is not going to be one list, be all end all, but if any riders could post their setting, eg oil height, spring rates, clicker settings for a 2005 wr450 that would be really cool. Until i can afford to get my suspnesion done this is the only option.

Im not having any luck setting it up myself, and when the suspension doesnt work properly it takes it out of you and becomes pretty much unejoyable.

It depends on what you are doing. I like to ride a lot of tracks so I increased my spring rate to .47kg increased the oil height, used a heavier vicosity so the oil would flow slower. I also turned the compresion clikers all the way in but the rebound 10. For the trails, I turn the comp. out to about 10 and leave the rebound the same.

One of the best things I did to the bike was changing the rear sproket. Go up on tooth and you will love life.

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