Where is my oil?

If the XR400 sits for a few days will, the oil settle back into the engine? I had plenty of oil in the bike 5 days ago and now there is no oil on the dipstick.

Do I hope there is oil and start the bike, let it run and then check the oil? Do I fill the frame again?

Sorry for the silly questions but the bike is kicking my but.

Thanks for the on going support,



start it and let it run for 5 minutes or so until it is warmed up real good, shut it off and keep the bike level and check the oil then. do not screw the dipstick in just set it in and pull it out. you should be good to go. :thumbsup:

yes it is a dry sump engine. so it will settle down on the frame. as ynotride said, you must let the bike get warm first. allow me to elaborate a little...

you want to allow the oil in the frame, resivour, and engine come to equilibrium so you check it properly. while you are letting the bike warm up, keep it level (like on a bike stand or 5 gallon bucket). the oil return hole is on the right side of the head, and the kickstand is on the left (what were they thinking?). you should NOT rev and NOT ride the bike during this time. just keep it idling and level.

keep the engine on and remove the dipstick, wipe the oil off. then kill the engine and immediately insert the dipstick into the frame, DO NOT SCREW THE CAP BACK IN, just push it to the threaded portion. then remove the dipstick and determine if you need to add oil.

and dont use car oil

At least you asked and didn't just add another Qt. to it. That happens alot, and then the guys can't figure out why the bike is puking oil.

Sorry for the silly questions but the bike is kicking my but.


Looks like I have a plan of action now. I will follow your instruction Friday when I go riding.


If your looking for a very good oil I use amsoil new 4 stroke synthetic I used to change my oil after 3 rides this year i got 7 months out of it

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