new CHM exhaust

Got a chance to put the new CHM system on this afternoon :thumbsup: sounds really good but definatly a little quieter at an Idle anyway. I did not get a chance to ride it and crack it open a see how it sounds but so far I am really pleased. :bonk:

Question though? this was doing this some before the change but I started it up today and it ran for maybe a minute and the shut it off. went out side to give it a kwik ride and it would not start, choke on choke off it tried to hit a couple of time but would not start, left it for a hour came back and still won't start. could I have flooded it or fouled a plug. This bike has been a bastard to start since day one. I was trying to get rid of a bog awhile back and moved the pilotup to a 45, bog still is there some. wondering if I should go back to a 42 and move the needle. CHM says run stock pilot and 180 main. I don't know what to do. I think this thing should start better than this. Would a JD jet kit be money well spent? Anyway why is this thing so damm hard to start and how do I get to square 1 again. Luv some help :thumbsup:

do you have any pics of the exahust. my bike has been hard to start also since i first bought it. i checked the valves and there fine so i dont know whats wrong.

same deal with me checked valves aok. This is the exhast that I bought off ebay that dvn posted a link to. Man it is nice , super workman ship. Don't have any pics yet but you can see it at the CHM web site. Don't know the address of the top of my head but hit a search engine like yahoo and it comes up.

Ya and I still can't get over the $150 on ebay, I'll be talkin about that for ever. Hoping they come out with one for my boy's ttr 50.

When are you having starting difficulties? Cold? Hot? Both of our KX250F's have always started easily, especially the '06, which you can start with your hand. We have 3 exhaust setups we run, depending on what we're doing and starting seems unaffected by changing systems. We run a 42 pilot with the fuel screw 2 turns out, sometimes we'll mess with the fuel screw for temperature or altitude, but never more than a half turn or so. If the bike's cold, I'll lean it over for a few seconds until the float bowl is full, before starting. :thumbsup:

Cold, Maybe I have it to rich on the pilot, Im going to pull the spark plug today and see if it fouled a plug. Im going to try to get back to square one again, try a 42 pilot and adjust the turns on the fuel screw. Chm recomends A 180 main for there exhaust. But then I will still have a off idle bog but maybe the exhaust will cure that. If not do I need to move the needle to cure it

Also I always give the thottle 3 to 4 twists before I start it, should I not be doing that?

I think you are too rich on the pilot. Do you twist the throttle at all before starting? If so, don't. I have the 42 in mine and it starts great. I also have a Power Now and airbox screen removed. Without those mods, I would be using a 40. I have a JD jet kit on the way so I'll let you know how that works out. I bought it basically for the different needles. I think my jetting is pretty good but I want to see if there are any improvements to be had with the JD needles.

Just saw your last post that went up while I was typing. You are probably flooding it. All bikes are different, but, I don't twist the throttle at all unless the bike has been sitting for a long time and then I'll give it ONE twist. A few years ago, I had a 2001 YZF426. It was my first 4 stroke and it took me a while and several plugs to figure out that that bike did NOT like ANY extra fuel at startup. If I wacked the throttle once, it was all over. Go back to a 42 pilot and try not priming it and I think you'll be good.

Just saw your last post that went up while I was typing. You are probably flooding it. All bikes are different, but, I don't twist the throttle at all unless the bike has been sitting for a long time and then I'll give it ONE twist...... Go back to a 42 pilot and try not priming it and I think you'll be good.

I could not agree more ! Good advice !

I think youguys are right, my game plan is to go back to a 42. I do have a power now but I don't think any of this is causing my bog and likewise it still is around but any way I'm going to see what happens with this new exhaust in reguards to the bog, maybe it will help otherwise maybe a needle change or I will buy a JD kit if you think its worth while. Got a fresh plug when I goto start it again. It was wet and black so I'm guessing I was way rich. CHM says goto a 180 main, what am I looking for on tuning the main (what symptoms).

No more twisting the throttle to start.

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