Need to get WR ready for MX track?

OK. I have read back in the forum and all of the technical Mods have been done to the engine. grey wire, muffler snorkel, timing etc.

Next I need your help with converting the plastics from WR to look like a YZ. Would like to replace front, rear fenders, front number plate (need to remove the headlight). Also all new decals including a decal for each side of the tank. Who has the best price and what brand replacement plastic should I buy? I also need more lower end power for tight corners etc. Can this be achieved by a different sprocket set? If so what do you recommend?

Thanks for your help.

I think acerbis has good deals on plastics, thats where i get mine, thru No matter what for graphics you can prolly expect to pay 50 to 60 bucks. You could get some more bottom end hit with a different sprocket combo, not sure what would be best, but you would sacrifice power somwhere else. you could also pipe it with an aftermarket.

did you install a power now?? zip-ty fuel screw?? re-jet it??

I did rejet it but I don't know anything about power now or zip-ty fuel screw. Can you fill me in? Anything else you can recommend?

I'm running acerbis plastic,PowerNow,jetted,One industries graphics check out my garage for pics of what YZ plastic on WR will look like ( PS bike has different muffler now ).

You can buy either UFO or Acerbis body kits for about $110, includes rad. shrouds, side number plates, front and rear fenders. I like Factory Effex graphics, they have a wide selection on graphics. I would try installing a 50 tooth rear sprocket, it will give more low end, if your chain is worn replace the chain with a good O or X ring chain and replace the counter shaft sprocket too.

i have an 05 wr 250f i went with the factory set up i bought everything from yamaha (rear fender, number plate) i figured that was the best bet perfect color match and very durable. i also have a yoshi trc pro comp slip on bumped up pilot jet #42 a boyesen AP and a power now which was just installed. and of course all the free mods. a little riden and ill let ya know how it goes. :thumbsup:

how did you guys stick your front number plate on?

I've seen it done a few different ways, How I did mine was to leave the bracket that the plugs etc are on in place & drill a hole that lines up with the numberplate lug at the top, Then just use a long bolt to line it all up. Pretty easy, The bottom of the YZF plate lines up with the bottom clamp.

ive never stalled a wr in a very tight turn no clutch and in 2nd gear and im telling you a VERY tight turn. and i did 20 laps without stalling so i think the wr has enough flywheel weight that it wont stall

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