Anoed Rims --- How to change without scratching?

I have a cracked rear rim..... hurray...not

Anyways this means I have to buy a new rim, and if im going to do it, im going to sped a few extra bucks and get a complete front and back excels...RED will I change them, without scratching them?

Theres gotta be someone out there that changes their own anoed rims?

well, its tough. you can either have marks from when the tire spoon has slipped or marks from the tire machine, its a line that goes all the way around the top of the rim

both suck, but if most of the rim is a colour it still looks reall good.

good luck

i'm taking my rims to the powder coaters tomrow

If you wrap duct tape around the tire iron, you shouldn't scratch the rim.

Awsome , thanks hondafan, thats exactly the kind of answer I was looking for!

Some tires are so tight to the rim, the rimsavers make it a lot harder to get the tire mounted. They are cheap enough to give it a try, I keep a pair in the toolbox.

Rim savers work, and I've also purchased a pair of plastic irons from my local bicycle shop, they are intended for BMX but work for MX as well.

ON my street bikes I allways used a piece of heater hose (1 inch) cut lengthwise and slipped onto the rim before prying. Usually three at about 6 inches long each is enough to do it.

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