A few pics of our ride yesterday.

IMG_0085.jpgIMG_0084.jpgIMG_0083.jpgIMG_0076.jpgIMG_0074.jpgIMG_0069.jpgIMG_0068.jpg Well we finally got a break in the weather long enough to get in a good woods ride. The trails were in excellent condition considering the amount of rain we've had around here in the last month and the weather was excellent.

Nice Place....Nice Ride :thumbsup:

where did you take the pics. in oregon. im just across the bridge in washington.

hiya like them bars????? :thumbsup:

Awesome pics! Looks like you have a nice place to ride!

hiya like them bars????? :thumbsup:

Those are fasst flex bars with mitts over the ends to keep my hands warm. It was 32 degrees when we left the truck in the morning but warmed up as we climbed in elevation.

cool place looks like riding in a jungle

where did you take the pics. in oregon. im just across the bridge in washington.

Yeah, it's down towards Eugene. Really not a designated off-road riding area but lots of great trails to ride.

looks great nice and soft soil

ahhh...i hate you! lol. im still mad because we got off school monday, and it looked perfect out friday, and ended up raining saturday til monday, and was sunny out tuesday when we went to school. it was like an act of god, him not wanting me to ride. poo.

nice pics, though! :thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup:

That makes me want to ride! Thanks for sharing.

nice woods! if you are getting good weather, i hope it will float into missouri for this weekend!

Sweet ride!

:thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup::eek::p Whats RAIN? Going on almost 2 1/2 - 3 months for us! I'm tired of the dust! good pics and I'm VERY jealous.

well least its green there, dang im jealous

Looks like fun, nice pics.

Where near Eugene? I'm in Eugene, and I'm sick of riding at shotgun creek everytime...

Deff looked as if it was fun.

Cool pics...Looks fun! :thumbsup::bonk:

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