Debating what big bore kit

Hey guys ive been looking on ebay at all the diffrent big bore kits im wondering if i should go with the cheep ones with out the race head or spend the money on the good one. is there even a diffrence with the race head??. give me some of your opinions on witch one would be the best one to get thanks.

well whats your budget?

race head definetly does make a difference and what type and brand definetly does too.

The price dosent really matter to me i just want to know if i buy a cheep one if it will be the same thing as the expensive one or close to it.

your head is where you make most of your power. the bigger the ports, the bigger the valves, the more power your going to make. (carb is also a big factor)

trail bikes uses 22mm intake and 20mm exhaust valves..... these head are the best "bang for the buck" kit out there and people seem to love them.

if you got no budget go with a kitaco ultra head or takegawa superhead

i was looking into buying the tb kit how is that one? and if i buy it with out the race head could i upgrade later? thanks

the TB is the best bang for the buck. just do yourself a favor and get the race head right away. you can upgrade to it later if you dont get it, but it iwll save you some hassle by doing it all at once.

the TB 88 kit with head and carb should cost you about $360

ok so you do have a budget. lol

yes you can upgrade and they do sell a kit that has what you need to run the race head.

you will want a clutch or HD clutch springs at least, oil pump, and cdi optional.

What size valves does the stock XR70 head come with?


Actually the TB head has a 23mm intake vavle. Just FYI.

go with the trail bikes..if you have a budget that is

I bought the cheapest big bore kit on ebay... the seller was Dratv, I think. If that's not it, let me know. The stuff fit perfectly and works great. I don't think you'll do anything but waste money to buy a more expensive one. I got all the gaskets I needed, along with many that I didn't even need. I guess they sent a complete gasket kit, but I didn't need them all.

I didn't put on a better oil pump. I have been told that with the better head, you do need it though.

Well to be honest the big buck one is exactly worth its money. Takegawa and Kitaco and Daytona are the best in the industry. They have quality control and back up there product to the fullest. But! I understand your problem. I want a Takegawa or a Kitaco.One day. Until then I got a Trail bikes 88cc kit. Get the one with the head. I go mine from powersports on ebay they have really good deals. Anyways you will need some speciallty tools like tapet tool and valve spring compressor. Ohh and of course a torque wrench a small one if that. To be honest the Trail bike kit is really a chinese one. You will have to reuse some stock parts like the valve tapet bolts and the head covers. Also the cam sprocket that came with the kit didn't line up so I had to reuse the stock one. That was it. For 1/3 the price of the japanese ones you can't beat it. Good luck and be careful cause I remember when I first put on my 88cc kit . Its like holy sh*@ Thats fast and after you get use to it you will be like how did I ever live with out it.

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