Its an Addiction

I swear it is. Buying a new bike is an addiction. First off I dont do drugs, I dont drink, I dont have a morgage, car payment or 3 kids. Or a wife/girlfriend for that fact. What the hell do I spend my money on. Well bikes of corse and its getting worse. I have a BMW 1100s, a BMW 650 Dakar, Honda XRL and a Kawasaki KLX 650. I really had to hold myself back from putting a deposit on a 06 640 Adventure today. I could lay down the cash but its going to be a little tight for a few months if I do. I have no complaints about any of my bikes but OMG :thumbsup: that 640 ADV is sweet. I went through the same thing last year at this time. Tell me Im crazy for considering the purchase.


Anything for a fellow junky! Your crazy. That being said, i have the same addiction. maybe theres a 12 step process? if there is, dont tell my wife. thankfully, mines not as bad as yours- i buy/find the cheapo junker vintages.

I too share the addiction but in a self sustaining kinda way. I buy used bikes that need work then fix them, ride them and sell them for more money than I have into them so I can buy a newer nicer one. I have worked my way up from the bottom and got to ride lots of bikes. You'd be surprised at how many bikes you can test ride if you have the cash to buy them.

I have owned the following bikes in the past year and a half and test ridden over 40 more: (1972 Honda SL125)(1986 Yamaha TT350)(1993 Suzuki DR250SE)(1994 Honda XR250L)(1995 Suzuki DR350SE)(1995 Suzuki GSXR600)(1995 BMW K1100LT)(1996 Honda XR400R)(1997 Honda XR400R)(1999 Yamaha YZ400F)(1999 Yamaha WR400F)(2003 Suzuki DRZ400S in Yellow)(2003 Suzuki DRZ400S in Blue)(2005 Yamaha FZ6)(2006 Husqvarna TE510 on order)

I have kept three bikes at any one time because the insurance is cheaper than one or even two bikes. When I feel the need to get a new bike I sell one and replace it with something bigger and better but now that I am buying brand new bikes I can't make a profit to buy a better bike.

I think I am heading to where you're at except I do have a wife, a kid and a mortgage!

God help me! :thumbsup: but I love to ride :bonk:

my problem is i cant bring myself to sell any of them. so i just keep collecting the "vintage" bikes ( i to have a wife, 2 sons, and a mortgage...). anyone know where i can find a duke for cheap? :thumbsup:

I have the same problem, but with used bikes though, I have a hard time not looking through the classifieds. Im moving up to new bikes now, its supposed to be here in a week or so!

whadya get? does that mean your going to give me a smokin deal (read that as FREE) on your LC4? I WOULD let you store that in my shop, you know. i do need the keys though.

whadya get? does that mean your going to give me a smokin deal (read that as FREE) on your LC4? I WOULD let you store that in my shop, you know. i do need the keys though.

Sure, ill give ya a smokin deal on it, of course not the kind you are used to, hehe! I will even replace the battery! Im selling my 380 to my brother, so I atleast be able to ride it still (SWEET BIKE), and the RM is going byby, didnt really like that one.

I Kan Tell More about the bike im getting later, say about 4:50 tomarrow. :thumbsup:

Yea that seems to be my problem too. I cant let go of the ones I have. I did buy a Honda 929RR new and sold later for the BMW 1100s. I toured a lot on the 929( both coasts in one year) and then to the Honda Hoot one year in Tenn. It was a nice bike and I loved it but the BMW is way better for touring.

The 650L and KLX 650 I fixed up and like a lot. I have to do the suspension on the KLX yet and then Im done. The Dakar i got from dealer with 1K on the clock. Got it becuause buddy had one. Love the Dakar alot, cant part with that one.

I gave in to my addiction and put a deposit on the Adventure this last weekend. Guess I will have to get rid of something now. Maybe I will have to drop my Toyota Landcruiser addiction :thumbsup:


Maybe I will have to drop my Toyota Landcruiser addiction :thumbsup:


It would depend on what KIND of Landcruiser, FJ-40? If so, are you crazy?? Just kidding!

nice eric. i get it. thats pretty tricky!! it wouldnt happen to be one of these, would it? (less the supermoto stuff.... )

Close, put regular dirt tires on it and get rid of the last S on the SXS and thats what I got!


No it is a 1984 FJ60. It came from AZ. Not one speck of rust anywhere. 124K. I got it about 5 years ago. Just put on a new HFS 3" spring lift and 1 1/2" shackels. All greasable pins, new HFS shockes etc. New Tire rod ends, radiator, power steering pump, few seals etc. Runs good but the gas milage is just terrible. Hasnt seen mud, rain, or snow since I have owned it. Also has a full length Kaymar Safari rack from SOR. I assume you have a scout??? I had a 77 for about 8 years. Loved it!!!!


FJ 60s are nice too, knew a guy from school that had one, although he put in a 305 Chevy. And yes I do have a Scout, 1977 with the Nissan Diesel engine.

thought you had two of em?

The other one is trash, engine and tranny are good though.


How many miles on your 640??

It has about 11,000 miles on it, runs great!

I really had to hold myself back from putting a deposit on a 06 640 Adventure today.


Who's got an 06 ADv 640 for sale, please share?

Thanx Dan

You looking for a dealer that has one? I know Letko in KC has one comming. A lot of dealers have'nt received thier's yet. Not every dealer will get one either. I have heard that somewhere around 200 comming into the U.S.


Dan, are you going to upgrade, or add to the stable?

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