handle bar bends

I have a wr 360, it has tag 2 bars, the bend is all wrong for me.

I need a high bend.

I'm 6" 2

What bend would give me more room for standing..

Check these out http://www.ptenduro.com/02products/03under_bar_damper_mntd/01undrbar_scotts.html

They are not bars, they are clamps, but I've had trouble finding high enough bars. Right now I've got some cheap Moose brand bars with th "CR High" bend.Still not high enough for me. I've bought three sets of bars now and am still not completely happy with the ergos. I have not bought the clamps yet but am seriously considering them as my next option or possibly some risers.

Good luck and let me know when you get yours right. I'll do the same.


BTW I'm about 5'11" @ 175 lbs. (no gear)

Im 6'3" 230 I have brp upper triple clamps with their tall forward bar clamp. Pro taper windham bend bars. It looks like I have ape hangers on but everybody I ride with is over 6 feet tall and want my bike because of the way it feel when standing, also it pulls you up so you can weight the front.

ProTaper 7/8s ATV Hi bars. Mounted with the clamp in the forward position with the spacers removed, just move them under the clamps. Good heigth & weight well forward when standing. Works well for me. A little over $60 bucks & easy to mount hand guards to. Whatever feels comfortable?? :thumbsup:

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