could those in the know please check this?

I have recieved a quote from this crowd and it seems quite cheap, although i'm still waiting for other quotes to come in. remember this is Aus dollars.

i expected to pay considerably more than this, so i might just order piston kit first and go from there.

any input would be greatly appreciated.


this is email i recieved. i had to supply frame and engine number and because i'm getting 426 bits for a 400 they had a bit of a head scratch, which is understandable. quote came on the url as above.

Please find following URL that is your quotation.

*We have special price piston set for AU$149.00 and

calculated piston parts for the special price.

*We believe only your parts number for this order, because

there is nothing WR426 of 1999 model. There is only 400 in


We will supply the parts that exactly same parts number.

Kind Regards

Maki Tanaka

must be real japanese by way he put word together. ha

nobody in the know?

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