New SORCS (Southern Offroad Championship Series) Info/Flyer



You riders around the southeast have been waiting for a local offroad series. Well here it is! Non AMA, Non SETRA, Non-nothing. Electronic scoring. Fun courses. Classes for a wide variety of riders.

All info regarding this new offroad series is on the Aonia Pass website as far as dates, rules, locations, links to the event facility websites, flyer download, etc.

Download the flyer from there and feel free to print it out and give one to a friend. Or take one to your local bike shop to post on their bulletin board.

Flyer Link is here:

Series Schedule

(as available by downloading the flyer)

April 2, 2006 Aonia Pass Washington, GA

May 7, 2006 Rockcrusher Motocross Park Hiwassee, GA

May 21, 2006 Monster Mountain Tallassee, AL

June 18, 2006 Durhamtown Plantation Union Point, GA

July 9, 2006 The Ridge Springville, AL

July 23, 2006 Broad River ATV Park Elberton, GA

August 6, 2006 Laurel Mountain Motocross Madisonville, TN

August 27, 2006 Aonia Pass Washington, GA

September 24, 2006 Rockcrusher Motocross Park Hiwassee, GA

October 15, 2006 Durhamtown Plantation Union Point, GA

November 18, 2006 Awards Banquet Marietta, GA

For series info you can contact Tammy @ 706-847-6132

Or visit the series promoter's website at Site will be up March 1, 2006

Great, everything is outside of florida, :thumbsup: count me out them except for maybe DP

Great, everything is outside of florida, :thumbsup: count me out them except for maybe DP

It is mostlya GA series- you may also wish to consider Aonia Pass- the hare scramble 2 weeks ago was well attended and everyone liked the course it seemed (although there were some complaints about the mud due to the rain prior to and during the event).

Maybe they will consider a Fla event next year. SUggestions?

I look but i couldnt find this...

I have a 124cc four stoke, can i race in the Super Mini 12-15 Yrs Old 0-105cc as a handicap. im 15

if not, then what class?

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