A big thumbs up to SHIFT!

Just gotta share. Took my goggles out, (I have the Shift, anti-fog, light sensitive kind) and noticed that the two pieces were kind of de-laminating from each other. I shot Shift an email asking what the deal was. Within 24 hours I get an email from Luigi telling me not to worry, 2 new replacement lenses are in the mail. That was Friday, and today I get a DHL package from Italy with my lenses. :bonk: It's nice to know that keeping customers happy is still important to a company. :thumbsup:

Thanks for posting this. It's nice to hear about companies willing to stand behind their product even when it fails!!!!

Wow, that's great. Too many times companies fail to replace defective things. I had a major problem with Western Power Sports and FMF. Was sold a faulty Q2 pipe. Sent the old pipe back and had to put the stock back on. Was without my pipe for a FEW months. I finally couldn't take it anymore and purchased ANOTHER NEW Q2. This pipe was totally fine. I was eventually reimbursed for the second pipe. However, the whole ordeal took about 4-6 months. Very disgusted. :thumbsup:

Fly has been good to work with too. Karl had a pair of their OTB pants that a seam came apart on after using them for a half dozen rides. They replaced them with no hassle.

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