Weather in Colorado Springs?

I'm thinking of going to Aztec tomorrow. Does anyone know what the weather will be like and how the track conditions are?

Don't know anything about the track but the weather today when I went to my pain specialist is beautitful. I wouldn't doubt it staying that way none either. pdawg :thumbsup:

I think there are races on Saturday.

I was heading out there on Sunday.

Double check the schedule.

The weather should be good during the day.....Saturday night they are calling for some snow. Sunday should be decent as well. I'm holding out to see what its like sunday. If you'd like I can post weather conditions on sunday morning.

yeah post the weather when you go down there on sunday and let me know. thanks

Supposed to be 40-ish, partly cloudy and a bit windy in the AM.

The final round of WC is today, starting at 9AM. The south track will be open for practice. We should be done around 2PM-ish.

Headed out in a few minutes, drop by and say hello if you come out. I'm number 689 on a CRF450.

GO 689!!!

Late well wishing. Kick some #$%.


National weather service (which I find the most reliable) says 10% chance of snow tomorow, with a high of 45.....

I'll post in the A.M.

(I live 15 minutes from the track here in the Springs)

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