Removing steering stem bearings

I have never had this much trouble with removing bearings. I can't get the races or whatever out of the frame. I have decided to use the old races and the new bearings. Good Idea or bad? I also can't get one of the bearings off of that long gold looking thing that is on the triple clamp. I AM SO CONFUSED. It will not come off for anything. HOW DO I REMOVE THEM?? :thumbsup::bonk: I really dont want to use my old races. They are slightly worn and a certain socket falls through them and the socket doesn't fall through the new ones. They are obviously worn. What is the trick how do I get the races out of the frame and how to I remove the bearing????

I had to cut them off with a high speed Dremel tool and a cutoff wheel. When you get close to the stem, use a cold chisel and bread the old race.

FWIW -I always put a zerk fitting in the steering head and pump in high temp grease. I would pump in some grease after every wash to force the moisture out.


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