Just a few questions!

I currently have a 05 KX 250F which I love dont get me wrong but am just so frustrated with it lately and am looking to get rid of it.

I am looking at a 06 YZ250F and i just want to know how they handle?

Has anyone ridden a 05 kawi and the yz250F that can tell me the diffrences?

Its the yami or the Honda. So please dont be biased in your opinions i know when you go to sites you get fanboys :-P lol

I work at a dealership so I'll be getting whatever i choose $100 over cost. So I just want to choose wisley.

Im 5'10 165lbs.

Thanks ahead of time guys!

doesn't seem that you can choose wrong in 2006

the engine on the Yamaha and the kx are similar (meaning both are pretty strong) but i think the biggest difference between then is suspension. the suspension on the new Yamaha's is amazing! and the kx is just ok. but if you are in between a Honda and a Yamaha the Honda's are pretty good, but if having a solid bike means allot too you i suggest you should by a Yamaha

Yea i mean i hear that the yamaha's are very good long lasting bikes and so are the Hondas so i dont have a problem going with either i just didnt know if anyone had any suggestions!

Audacity your right! the only one you could go wrong with is the RMZ250 this year :thumbsup:

Thanks for the input look foreward to seeing more replies

BTW Friday Your not tlaking about the 05 kx compared to the 06 yami are you? If so i made my mind up on the honda lol. Although the 05 kx engine is nice i want an upgrade

yes i was. you wil be suprised to find that the 05 kx motor is a very strong motor. yamaha hasn't change there motor in a while but it (im my opinion) is the strongest in its class. and for 06 yamaha put a new upgraded head pipe and exhaust pipe (which boost the bike with even more power) and and upgraded the suspension to an SSS system (the most advanced in its class again)

How good is the SSS system. . . I was reading about that how its closes to works.

its is vey very good. its will blow your 05 kx suspension out of the water

Yea i read that my suspension is the worst out of any 250F between this year and last lol.

You will love the suspension.What dealership do you work for in NJ?You are welcome to come try my 06 any time you want.I go to NJ alot to go to Raceway Park(englishtown).

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