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heres some pics of my new and old piston

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heres some pics after my cyclinder was bored on an angle. and it messed up my piston and stuff

and some of my newly bored and rebuilt motor. by a 14 year old kid. with out the help of his dad :thumbsup::bonk: lol


thats the old piston

about 10 hours on it

heres my engine put together partially



has anybody thought about port matching the intake tube thing to the head???


the inside of the tube thing goes to about my finger

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any body know why it made them links??

cuase you didnt click the image insert button :bonk: theywork now just to let ya know :thumbsup: on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the hardest what would you rate that job? what was the hardest part? im thinking of getting a new piston/rings for my 225 but dont want to do to much work :thumbsup: oh also have you broken it in yet? if so what method did you use? ive heard of many but just wonderin what you did?

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HotChi ; Did you match port that rubber intake manifold to the head?? Is it really that much of a differrence. Need to check out mine. I wonder how much metal needed to remove. And what about performace gain. But from your Pic's it sure is alot, I'll take a look at mine's tonight. Inquring minds want to know..

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i didnt do it yet cause of DAD :thumbsup: lol

no i havnt broken in yet but the guy that bored it said to start it in nuetral and just run it till its warm.

then shut it off and go inside

next day

go out, start it up and warm it up

run wot in 5th gear down the road in back for about 3 minutes

now to me that sounds like a forced break in. but w/e the guy says goes :bonk: lol

i think it would make a bit of diffrence in the low end because of the reduced drag. but in top end it might be the same or just a little more

u would proly have to re jet to a 20 pilot if u did do it

u could take alot of material off.

i dont know if any body has done it yet... thats what all the big factory mechs. do to get that extra hp

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