Looking to upgrade!

I currently have a 05 KX 250F which I love dont get me wrong but am just so frustrated with it lately and am looking to get rid of it.

I am looking at a 06 CR250F and i just want to know how they handle?

Has anyone ridden a 05 kawi and the CR250F that can tell me the diffrences?

Its the Honda or the Yami. So please dont be biased in your opinions i know when you go to sites you get fanboys :-P lol

I work at a dealership so I'll be getting whatever i choose $100 over cost. So I just want to choose wisley.

Im 5'10 165lbs.

Thanks ahead of time guys!

The 2005 KXF250F is the same bike as the 2005 RMZ250F which is practically the same as the 2006 RMZ250F, which is the lowest rated bike in every shootout Ive read so far. So pretty much any choice you go with is a step foward. The Yammi hasnt been getting amazing ratings either. As you probably know the Honda has won TWMX's shoout for the 3rd year in a row as well as many other mag tests. The reason were all biased towards Honda here is because its just simply the best. Dont be scared away by potential valve problems that will most likely never trouble you. If you want the best performing 250F out there, there really is no other choice.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:

I am a honda guy, but the only reason the Yamaha got a bad rating this year is because of the tire they put on it.....it is too soft

I see what your saying. I read though that Hondas are pretty tough to Maintain you always have to be on top of things constantly. Also i am a little scared of the valve problems that i hear about.

Tha yammy seems to be built pretty good and its just a toss up between getting the better bike that might not hold up as long or getting the yammy that isnt as good but will probably hold up a little longer.

Once again i dont know i work at a yamaha dealership and i very rarly see anything come back to get fixed on fourstroke motocross wise.

I realize you said you don't want any negative posts, and I'm trying hard to keep this as nice as possible.

But out of curiousity, if you work at a dealership, wouldn't you know A LOT about these bikes, and know which one is better?

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