hair scrambles

Hi is there any hair scrambles or off road races in Ont, I ride a ktm 520,


Good question! I dont know, but it sounds interesting. Why dont you try a google search?

my hair is all scrambled every morning when I wake up

but then I take a shower and its all good again

try the search I know there was somebody posting about some races in ontario on the forum

you might want to try searching for HARE scrambles

There are lots of them in the spring, I don't think you will find too many hare scrambles in January.

hey man, OCMC holds lots of hare scrambles during the summer and they are pritty damn good check out their site , you don't have to be a member to race in their hare scrambles

I live in new brunswick and would like to do some hair scrambles or cross country. Does any know of any east of quebec?? or eastern quebec?

The CMA holds a national series from spring to early fall.

I rode the series last year and it was pretty good. :thumbsup:

thanks for the help, hopefully i'll get into a couple of races this year

Yes there is go to and you should be able to find the schedule of all the races and hare scrambles.

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