XR 80 will not idle Help!

I have a 1991 xr80. The bike starts and run good, but it will not idle. I have removed the carb and cleaned with compressed air, including the jets. The carb is stock as far as I know. The needle clip is in the middle position, I have installed an inline fuel filter, And I have also drained the gas and put new gas in the tank. After trying all of these remedies, it still will not idle. The idle screw is turned all the way in for what it is worth. Any help would be greatly appreciated since this bike is for my daughter and she is having trouble keeping it running.

my friend says to rebuild the top-and- bottom end

You have two possible problems, but it could be 1 of 30. The main cause is the pilot being plugged. Take it out and see if you can see through it and blow through it, if you can't, use compresses air to clean it out. Second, is your points ignition. The could have about 10 different things wrong with it or various combinations of things wrong. My advice to you on this is to get a CDI ignition. It doesn't work better, it just works like the energizer bunny. You can pick one up on Ebay for about $200 complete. And ever since I sold my motor and electronics separately on ebay, I've notice other people doing the same.

Other things could be, air leak, bad plug, bad plug cap, bad ground, etc.

Thanks for the replies.

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