best rideing area in u.s

whats your opinon on the best all around place to ride in the u.s?

with alittle bit of everything

Northern Nevada. It's why we live here.

Hull Creek Ca. Near Sonora and Long barn. It is part of the sierra national forest here in ca. There is nice, smooth trails, some tough technical climbs and turns, and a ton of old fire-roads... it is all mapped out and you could easily travel 100 miles there in a day. and the best part is i never see more than 10 people other than my party when i go. best riding ever. way better than prarie city or carnegie, even better than hollister. Beautiful scenery there as well. Word of the wise, bring a four stroke when going .the technical stuff creeps up on you when winding up around a corner. and you need a soft suspension there as well. and i repeat Beautiful scenery. it seems natural way up there, not at all like a state vehicular recreation area.

I like Hollister Hills. I know Clear Creek has better trails, but I need some tracks when I ride.

caineville utah looks real good

caineville utah looks real good

I'll triple-dog ditto that.

I guess I'd have to say the Colorado/Wyoming/Utah/Nevada/Arizona/New Mexico area.

Ya, Caineville pretty much rules. It's like a never ending motocross track. Your imagination is the only limit. Tons of good desert riding as well. There's big air, fast washes, steep climbs, technical stuff, it's all out there! :thumbsup:


Dude the best riding up here in washington is by far Naches. it ranges from wide high speed trails to tight technical single track. there is a trail for every skill of rider. with 100+ miles of trails for motorcycles, 4x4's and quads.undefined

Depends on what kind of riding--motocross California, trails either Pennsylvania or Alaska.

I liuve in elk grove Cal is this Hull Creek off of 108 by any chance?

I live in Elk Grove Cal is this Hull Creek off of 108 by any chance?

I just visited Flagstaff AZ. It's so beautiful but I'm not sure if there are riding areas there. If so, it would be on my list.

I havent riden alot of places, but the Bitterroot Mountains in Western Montana are damn hard to beat. I wish I lived closer to them. :thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup::eek:

what kind of question is this? Of course everybody will say wherever they are from. I for instance would say that my favorite track is a place called Mcafee MX here in texas. But i have never ridden at any other tracks outside of texas.

Potosi, MO

7 motocross tracks within an hour of here, 1,000,000 of woods riding in the MTNF, St. Joe park, etc... etc....

I know there is a nice golf course with killer tee box jumps close to you there in MA. The Framingham Country Club was my track of choice as a deviant rider in the 80s....

I am sold on Cali riding in the Sierra Mtns. You can ride on all year here.

Northern NJ. Its illeagal to ride anywhere and the cops live to bust everyones balls. Plus there are only two actual motorcross tracks in the entire state. Its awesome, everyone should move here. :thumbsup:

ya im thinking when i get older im gunna move to the soth west somewhere i dont know where yet. mass is getting to build up and not to much rideing only in spring summer and fall and even then its ether still to cold or relly relly muddy with no traction so relly you can only ride in the summer

yes, hull creek is off of 108 past sonora. you take the 1st exit you see past the long barn exit on 108 and then on the left you will see a dilapidated sign saying" hull creek 10 miles". i dont recommend going until about may or so. it is snowed in as of right now.make sure to stop by the ranger station in the mi-wuk village before going to get a map of the area, but if you live in the silicon or central valley, or even monterey county , i recommend going to hull creek it is amazing up there.

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