I have a big weekend planned for riding and need to get my jetting straightened out.

Here is the deal... just received my jd jet kit. I have a stock 2005 yz250f. I live in Houston TX, basically I am at sea level and humid. as per instructions 185 main jet, I'm confused as to what needle and clip position. can you point me in the right direction? :thumbsup:

the instrcutions are very specific on the needle setting.what is confusing you?

I just put one in my 06250f.No problems.Look at the instuctions.The stock one counts the needle position oppisite of jds.No big deal I think it sis already in the correct position#5 if I recall correctly.

Well, the instructions call for the blue needle, 5th clip, however the note recommends the red needle maybe desirable for hot and humid conditions. Thanks for your help.

ok,then go with the red needle.sounds pretty clear.

Okay, thanks for your help. Wow, I sure don't get the warm fuzzies from your responses or is this just how you reply to newbies to break them in. I can read, I just thought I would get an "expert" opinion.

dont get me wrong,i dont mind helping.i dont care what anyones status is.newbie or 10,000 post.doesnt matter to me.

however,JD goes thru alot of trouble to make the instructions pretty clear in his kits.

i dont see how it was confusing.

install the kit per the instructions and take the bike on a test outing (no rev tuning in the garage on the stand in nuetral).

let me or JD know if you have any running and we can sort you out.

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