Fastway or Storm linkage

I am looking to get either a Fastway link or the Storm link to aid the 03 450 in turning.. Anyone have either one laying around they wanna sell?

I have a storm Link for an 02. I'll sell it for $35 plus shipping.

From what I read, the 02' linkage just sets the head angle to that of a stock 03' . I will check and see and let you know.. thanks...

storm said the 02 would make the fork and head angle too steep on an 03' Thanks anyway.. John Anyone else...?????

if you still have the storm link for the 02 crf450

my email is

i will buy it


Do you still have the link for sale?

Thanks, Mark

Also, does anyone know the the length (center to center of mounting holes)

for the after market links? Have machine shop, and would like to experiment.

At one point I thought I heard a difference of 6mm shorter? Can't say for sure.

I have a storm link for an 03-04 available.

e-mail me at

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