how long before you race

I have been riding for a few months and thinking about racing :thumbsup:

go for it!

It's whenever you feel comfortable. Attend a practice day or two first to learn the track, then go for it!

should i buy gary semics practice dvd

have you ever been to a track? and what knd of bike do you ride? and yes i think you should buy the gary semics dvd when i was first starting out his conering dvd helped me so much

yes i have been to the track twice and i ride a 04 CRF250

yeah dude i say go to practice at the trck maybe two or 3 more tims then hit up a race. and if you do bad in the race dont be dissapointed just keep trying

thanks alot for your advice

Just take it easy the first few races, watch the A riders see what lines they are taking and there body positions etc. Also, dont worry about you race position just get used to the nervous feeling you get when you race. DOnt push yourself at first, your going to want to haul balls and keep up but just stay within your limits. I always push myself when I ride, but I always had a rule.

the rule is,

Ride fast enough that I get a little or slightly worried I am going to fast and might make a mistake or crash, but I dont ride fast enough that Im worried about crashing or kno Im bound to crash.

If that makes any sense, hopefully it does.

the smartest thing for you to do when you race is to learn as much as you can

I started riding in August last year and went to my first race, which was arenacross in the 125 class for that matter lol, in November roughly 3 months later. I had a blast, just didn't really jump anything since the racing experiance was all new to me lol.

I say go for it and just have fun and be safe :thumbsup:

ya go for it, i have been riding for 2 years and just started racing. i love it. but dont get mad over one bad finish.

thanks for the help and there is only one more thing what number should i use I was thinking about #9 or @815 which one do you think

should i buy gary semics practice dvd

yes, it should help prevent you from developing bad habbits.

(the practice sessions are usually more hairy than the race...) :thumbsup: Just sign up and race the "beginner class", take it easy and have fun.

run 815 its more of a amatuar number. and the video is a good thing anything that can help

No one does good their first race, your goal should be to just not finish last or not get a DNF (Did not finish) and try to keep it on two wheels.

I did my first race a few months ago, its the best thing dude! I learned so much. I went from pretty slow, then raced, to working my but off, faster, because of what I learned and stuff...Its a rush!

Dont be scared, and try to ride hard the whole moto, never give up! I was just about last in my class, they were but I was battling it out with the 250 beginner riders (we double gated) and it was the funnest thing I have done on a bike...getting passed, passing them back, getting passed again, it was a blast....I am glad to say I got 2nd to last in my class and I blew the 250 beginners away. :thumbsup:

I am deffinately gonna race the next serries that comes around!

I cannot stress how much fun you will have when the gate drops...Just do it!

should i buy gary semics practice dvd

:thumbsup: yes!!

TOTP :bonk:

No one does good their first race, your goal should be to just not finish last or not get a DNF (Did not finish) and try to keep it on two wheels.

I came in third my first race!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

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